Robert Hill has a wealth of experience in providing the following services:

  • Supporting the development of school partnerships
  • Reviewing the impact and operation of academy trusts and chains
  • Leading workshops for school governors
  • Speaking at headteacher conferences
  • Supporting action research projects
  • Reviewing and researching the impact of policy programmes
  • Developing and writing policy papers

If you would like help in any of these areas please contact Robert by emailing

You can follow me on Twitter @Robt_Hill


7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. do you still advise the DfE and the new government ? Are your views sought by such depts. You spoke about hiking alone or in a group and hinted that if a school struggled it could be taken over or strongly guided by a Chain Academy . Is there some substance in that statement\/

  2. Hi Robert

    Very good article in the TES. I particularly like the 3 areas which MATs often oversee. I agree about having a more organic growth strategy. I was surprised by the results of the secondary sector but it is useful. I am currently writing a programme for Executive Leaders and this article will be useful.

  3. Hi Robert – I’d to share the draft CEO pay policy I’ve put together. Can you confirm your email? (I’m having trouble with the one given above!)

    All the best

    Jeremy Rowe
    Waveney Valley Academies Trust

  4. Hi Robert,
    We are using your work from 2016 on School Improvement in multi academy trusts to inform the development of our school improvement framework. We have fully acknowledged your work and I hope you are happy for your work to be used to inform work across our trust. The framework you have offered has been immensely helpful in helping us to formulate and articulate our strategy. Please get in touch if you would like more details.

    • Hi Rita, Thanks for letting me know. Later this autumn the results of research into effective school improvement in MATs will be published by DfE alongside guidance materials. The research, of which I was a part, was led by Professor Toby Greany at the UCL Institute of Education. The research will reinforce many of the the sort of things I have been arguing for but will also provide some new insights.

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