Links to top tips for MATs

It’s been a while since I added some posts on MATs. But that’s not because I have been inactive – I have just been writing blogs for others. Here are links to four blogs published by Capita SIMS.

  • A blog published in May 2018 that summarises what is happening in terms of MAT expansion and draws on a a recent report to discuss the financial benefits of having a centralised finance function. The blog also includes a summary of nine ‘break points’ identified in an Ambition School Leadership report that MATs need to address if they are to grow in a sustainable way.
  • A blog from January 2018 that lists five ‘must-dos’ for MATs if they are to up their game when it comes to delivering improved school performance.
  • A second blog from January 2018 that analyses the financial challenges facing MATs and provides my five top tips for developing sound financial management of both standalone academies and MATs.
  • A blog written in December 2017 covers some of the same ground as the May blog in examining MAT expansion, but also includes five top tips for MATs in considering how to build the infrastructure needed to support growth.

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